Feeney Quick-Connect® Pivot

Feeney Quick-Connect® Pivot


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Our Quick-Connect® Pivot is specially designed for angled attachment to wood posts with a composite sleeve, composite wrap, or decorative wood wrap. This sleek and durable fitting attaches to the inside face of the post, making stair installations a snap.

The fitting can pivot up to 180° to accommodate any stair elevation angle.

Quick-Connect® patented automatic-locking jaws allow installation in the field without any special tools. The cable end is simply inserted into the fitting and the spring-loaded one-way jaws grab and lock on.

This is a fixed end fitting, and must be paired with a tension adjustment fitting to complete the cable assembly. Typically paired with a Quick-Connect® Pivot Tensioner.

This fitting is best suited for composite-sleeved wood posts, or wood posts with or without a decorative wood wrap.

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