Slime Medium Tire Tackle Kit - Power Sport

Slime Medium Tire Tackle Kit - Power Sport


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Say goodbye to lost tools. This Slime Medium Tire Tackle Kit is perfect for your ATV, tractor, off-road and all other power sport vehicles. The 22-piece kit stores your tire care essentials in easy to browse compartments so you have everything you need to repair a flat tube/tire while on the go.

(1) Pencil gauge, 10-50 psi. Measures in psi, kPa and bar
(4) Valve cores
(1) 4-way valve tool that removes valve cores, re-taps treads inside/outside and reams inside the valve stem
(4) Silver anodized aluminum valve caps
(5) 1.5" (35mm) round patches
(3) String plugs, 9-ply, 100mm long
(1) Tube of rubber cement (.41 fluid oz)
(1) Screwdriver handle reamer and (1) Screwdriver handle plugger
(1) Metal tire scuffer
Packaged in a durable, translucent green plastic tire tackle case

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