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Modern Style: 

Simple & Sophisticated & Minimal  

Characterized by strong angles, clean lines, minimal designs, natural materials with a fusion of industrial concrete, vinyl and glass accent materials to create a stunning effect. Open spaces and expansive glass bring in to play natural light, paired with a monochromatic color scale and modern hardware to create an elegant space with elegant with stunning simplicity. Elevate your home with a slim profile iron door.  

Traditional Style:  

Classic & Warm & Intentional  

Characterized by contemporary elements like clean lines, decorative glass, vintage details, and lots of natural light mixed with classic features. Complement any entryway with a classic, timeless design involving warm colors, symmetrical lines, and uniformity.  As the Traditional style home combines practicality with classic looks. Windows and doors are distinguished by divided lites, subtle grille patterns, and exceptional wood and vinyl materials that create warm and welcoming spaces. This simple yet intentional style recreated stunning and sophisticated classic architectural style.  

Craftsman Style: 

Simplicity & Craftsmanship & Detail  

Characterized by nature inspired colors and natural materials such as wood, stone and brick, Craftsman style focuses on artisanal craftsmanship that builds in character and reflects a timeless aesthetic. Simplicity and functionality are a key feature as warmth and comfort is infused throughout with pale, cheerful hues and doors featuring artisan details, from finely crafted wood to patterned glass.  

Colonial Style 

Symmetrical & Classic & Grace  

Characterized by symmetry and balance throughout, a colonial style home is typically two or three stories with simple lines, fireplaces, a centered front door and an equal number of windows on both sides of the home. In this style, the traditional elements and classic style of homes from America’s past combined with graceful curves and soft finishes create a “dressy casual” look as special attention and design are used for doors and windows.  

Coastal Style 

Relaxed & Playful & Expansive   

Characterized by lots of natural light, soft earth tones and modern-minimalist aesthetics that prioritizes connecting to outdoor living space through ample windows, an abundance of porches and open floorplans. Coastal style homes provide a mix of traditional details and natural wood with clean lines and a pop of ocean inspired colors to create a casual yet elegant space.  

Farmhouse Style  

Authentic & Humble & Charm 

Characterized by warmth and texture, a Farmhouse style home includes simple clean lines yet include sentimental pieces that tell a story while providing functionality. This style utilizes natural wood, simple color palettes such as white and black, natural light and other traditional materials to provide a charming touch of modern charm in this authentic mix of old and new.  

Transitional Style 

Harmonious & Unique & Timeless 

Characterized by a simplicity, symmetry and classic aesthetic detail allows for a harmonious blend of modern and traditional styles to allow for a classic design in the modern world. Natural forms with balanced proportions create a unique home that utilizes elements from nature through the inclusion of cotton and linen materials, wood and natural stone, as well as warm, earthy color palettes. Create a personalized home with an eclectic collection of decorative elements in this bold, timelessly styled home.