Prime Wire

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2-outlet Countdown timer. Converts 1 outlet into 2 outlets. Controls 2 devices with 1 timer. Photocell activated. Choose from 6 modes 2-hr, 4-hr, 6-hr, 8-hr, 10-hr, 12-hr. or dusk to dawn settings. Countdown starts at dawn for the timed duration selected. Modern LED display. Updated design is simple to program and use. Interruption-free programming. Headlights, porch lights, and street lamps will not interfere with unit. Female receptacle position perpendicular to wall. Accepts most low-profile, right-angle and transformer plugs. Photocell activated. Activates programming and resets only after programming cycle has completed. 3-prong grounded outlet. Use with indoor or outdoor devices requiring a grounded connection. Mounting holes to safely secure unit to a wall. On/off option. Easily turn off or set for always on with the push-button select. With 6” cord. Black.

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