Allway 1½” – 4 Edge Wood Scraper Blade, 2/card (1½”)


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The ALLWAY® 1½” 4-Edge Wood Scraper Blade features two edges for fine scraping and two for rough scraping. It is a replacement blade for the ALLWAY® F22, FE2 & all similar medium size wood scrapers in the market. The blades are high-carbon steel and blackened to ensure corrosion resistance. It can be easily sharpened with the ALLWAY® Blade File for lasting efficiency during lengthy projects.

2 replacement scraper blades included
Blades are blackened for better resistant to corrosion
Each blade is 1½” And has 4-edges, camber ground
2 edges for rough scraping
2-edges for fine scraping
Considerably outperforms competing wood scraper blades with straight edges
Sharpen blade edges with blade file during longer projects
Fits the ALLWAY® F22, FE2 & all similar medium size 4 edge wood scrapers
Made in the USA

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