Plumb Pak Tidee Tubb 11 In. H. x 9-1/4 In. L. White Shower Splash Guard

Plumb Pak

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The original splash guard with its patented curve and the Tub Tender splash guard are designed to fill the gap left between the shower curtain and the wall keeping the water in the tub and off the floor!

The patented curve puts the water back into the tub, where it belongs, reducing the change of water damage on the floor and sub-floor. Eliminates Spillovers.
No more replacing grout on tile floors, refinishing hardwood floors or mildew on bathroom carpets.
Wet, slick bathroom tile is dangerous; keep the floor dry and safe with Tidee TubbTM.
Tidee Tubb™ comes in 2 stylish colors; White (5TT-W) and Ultra Clear (5TT-UC).
Tidee Tubb™ measures 11" high by 9.25" long.
Tidee Tubb™ comes packaged with caulk and easy to follow instructions so the not-so-do-it-yourselfer can do this one!
Great for Motel and Apartment owners! Keeping your bathroom clean and TIDEE

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